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Historical Review

  • Official Statistics of Armenia was formed by the decision of Council of People’s Comissars of Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia (SSRA), just after the establishment of soviet power on October 5, 1921.
  • The first statistical institution was called Statistical Department of Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia, which started its main activity from January 7, 1922.
  • The Central Statistical Department under the Council of People’s Comissars of Soviet Soviet Union was founded on July 17, 1923 by the decision of Council of People’s Comissars of Soviet Union.
  • The first population census was conducted in 1926, which covered the whole territory of the republic. It was implemented according to scientific methods developed by Russian notable statisticians V. Mikhayelovski and O. A. Kvitkin which became a basis for conducting the next population censuses.  
  • In May, 1931 the Council of People’s Comissars of Soviet Union made a decision on organizing accounting and statistical work, due to which the centralized management and organization of  methodology of people’s economy accounting was put  on the statistical system. The latter was reorganized into Department of People’s Economy Accounting, and the regional departments being subordinated to it, in their turn, managed the regional inspectors’ work.
  • In 1932 in Armenia as well as in the whole USSR, the joining of the Department of People’s Economy Accounting to the Gosplan (State Planning Committee) ensured quick and decisive turning point in statistical work and gave the system the possibility of active participation in people’s economy planning and control of the  plan implementation.
  • The next population census was conducted in 1939, during which firstly applied special methodology and organizational activities ensured accuracy and completeness of population census. During this population census except de facto population, de jure population was also recorded.
  • In 1941-1943