User Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

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1. From which group of statistical information users you are?
2. Which official statistics do you use?(more than one option can be indicated)
3. How do you obtain the statistical information?
4. Are you satisfied with the way of statistical information dissemination?
5. How frequently do you use the statistical information?
6. For what purposes do you use the official statistics?
7. Do the available official statistics meet your priority data needs
8. Are you familiar with the methodology of official statistics?
9. How do you assess the quality of official statistics?

10. Where should Armstat improve to fulfill your needs?
11. What makes statistics valuable to you?

12. Additional comments ( including on areas where you see room for improvement).


Dissemination of Statistical Information and Public Relations Division,
Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia
tel. (374 11) 52-33-56
Fax: (374 10) 52-19-21