20 March 2020

(statistical information provider)

Due to coronavirus pandemic, the Statistical Committee of RA (ARMSTAT) for security reasons and in order to implement statistical works timely and regularly according to the "2020 statistical program", proposes to expand the use of remote tools for presenting statistical documents (including reports), that is, their electronic submission to ARMSTAT, which will reduce the possible physical contact of the respondents with ARMSTAT employees and other persons, preventing the possible spread of the infection.

Taking into account the above mentioned, you can submit electronic statistical documents (including reports) to ARMSTAT at the e-mail address of Yerevan city/marz agency of your place of business (see, for which it is necessary to use the "Procedure for submission of statistical documents" (see:

In case of impossibility to submit statistical documents electronically, in case of submitting them to ARMSTAT in person, it is urged to use appropriate protective measures (masks, gloves, etc.).